Drugs and Drinking

We are excited you are here, because no doubt, you shall take away some very important facts and tips that will help you to stay strong, safe and happy. If you have already started using a bit of drugs, we hope that you shall be encouraged to make a move that will help you to get back on track and restore your bright future. More importantly, we hope you see the need to tell your friends about this so that together we shall all have a happy ending.

Some of us live in a society that makes it look cool to use drugs. Other societies do not entertain drugs at all, and teens are less likely to fall victim to drugs. Wherever you are, these facts will help.

So what is drug abuse?

It is the habitual use of drugs to alter one’s mood, emotion, or state of consciousness.

This includes the destructive pattern of using substance or chemicals, that leads to significant physical, mental, emotional problems or distress.

Drug use come in many forms. People who consume drugs, chemicals or substances by swallowing, injecting, applying to skin, or any other way to enhance their looks, mood, performance, or influence their thinking is committing an act of drug abuse, because inevitably, it will have some very bad results sooner or later.
If your doctor prescribes some medicine for you, and you do not use it as instructed, it can be called ‘abuse’ because it will have some bad consequences.