Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

The drug & alcohol treatment program here at Florida Coast Recovery was designed to help clients finally escape addiction once and for all. Our multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment helps clients learn new behaviors and ideas to help overcome addiction.

Our program utilizes various addiction therapies and multiple levels of care to accommodate your individual needs when it comes to drug & alcohol abuse. Our individualized treatment plans are tailored to identify your unique factors when it comes to substance abuse. Our team of addiction professionals designs a treatment plan that will help you finally quit drugs & alcohol.

Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs


What to Expect at Our South Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Our sunny, Fort Lauderdale, Florida location is the perfect setting to begin your journey of recovery. Clients can expect to stay at our modern housing, equipped with flat screen TV’s, comfortable beds, and a serene environment that helps ease the process of early recovery.

Our highly-trained, professional staff utilizes modern treatment therapies and multidisciplinary approaches to treating the mind, body, and spirit of those addicted to drugs & alcohol.

If you or a loved one is tired of the pain of active addiction, Florida Coast Recovery is here to help. Call us today and take the first step towards freedom from addiction.

Take action now, and escape drug & alcohol addiction for good.

                                        Did you know that treatment can be covered by your insurance? Please submit your information to find out how much your insurance covers.