Continuing Care in South Florida

Detox and treatment are the first stages to a full recovery. Most think by just attending treatment they can essentially restart where they left off without a continued effort at practicing new principals. A handful may be able to accomplish this, but the majority will struggle until a new foundation for life has been established. The history with family, the relationships with others and patterns that developed over a course of time could have lasting long term effects. The ideal of not realizing this course of action towards life created some uncomfortable circumstances in the first place. Trying to hold onto old ideas is the reason why a comprehensive sustained aftercare program needs to be implemented. At Florida Coast Recovery we provide the resources for a suitable program of action satisfying everyone’s need. From setting up outpatient services to finding local AA/NA meetings or Religious affiliations, to doctors, therapists and other professionals in pertinent locations for easy access. We are here to help you continue this vital process toward full recovery.

Many others are quietly hiding away the “dirty little secret”, suffering from the pain, anger, frustration, depression, and resentment that come as a direct result of the family disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Yes, the family suffers too! Most think that when the individual finally seeks help that everybody else is free and clear. The long term effects caused by both alcohol and drugs can be devastating and at some point needs to be addressed. Family visitations, therapy, religious or spiritual counseling is recommended for all family members. Understanding the illness becomes apparent by participation in its solution. We encourage families to participate in the treatment plan and by phone if not local. Let’s start the healing process together.

Following treatment, a newly recovering individual sometimes needs extra time acclimating themselves back into better, healthier routines and relationships. Left up to their own past ways of dealing with life on life’s terms, their chances of success diminishes due to a lack of a structured environment coupled with implementing changes necessary for a successful recovery. Halfway Housing, also known as Transitional Living, provides this vital step with the approach using structured, disciplined living; thus making the individual accountable for his actions. This elimination of old ideas and habitual implementation of new, healthy ones reverses the disastrous effects brought on by the use and misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Outpatient services provide the link between ending treatment and the beginning of living within the solution. It’s a once or twice a week tune up, coming back and meeting with a therapist for up to an hour. The hardest part initially with early recovery is experiencing, as well as practicing new principles towards this new way of life. Outpatient services help bridge the gap to a new successful way of dealing with what life can toss up at a moment’s notice. Old feelings are like vise grips, once in its grasp its seems like an impenetrable stronghold where giving in to them is just easier and familiar. When practicing new ideas, encouragement through the help of others can improve a person chances for longer lasting recovery.

Case management helps the individual through the process of care. There are multiple levels that sometime can be overwhelming for a client or loved ones. From the right detox thru the levels of php, iop, outpatient and transitional living, a case manager or therapist is there helping you thru every step. At Florida Coast Recovery our professional staff is there to assist you as your recovery progresses.