Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Detox is often the first step towards a full recovery. Having taken alcohol, pain killers, prescription drugs or other habit forming substances, the body builds a tolerance over a period of time. This build up, when stopped, causes withdrawal symptoms. Medication is used to alleviate uncomfortable side effects from sudden discontinued use. This detox process differs for each individual. Our medical staff is fully trained, licensed and compassionate. Let us help you through this vital starting point toward lasting recovery and the joy that comes from a life free from alcohol or drugs.

Drug and alcohol rehabs, or treatment centers, are a safe space where those who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues can seek help. These afflictions can be very dangerous to try and overcome without therapy, support, and sometimes medication. Drug and alcohol rehabs offer constant medical and therapeutic support, so you can not only work through your core issues, but you never have to feel alone.

Drug treatment centers lay the foundation for the rest of your life, and introduce you to tools that you can keep in your arsenal to help you remain clean and sober.

What is Typical Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

It is a common misconception that drug rehabs are reserved for either the rich and famous, or homeless people who have lost everything in their lives. The truth is, addiction does not discriminate. Rehab is simply a place for people to go to take off of life to work on themselves.

You will be assigned an addiction counselor who will provide one-on-one individual sessions with you. They will put together your individualized treatment plan. Since no person has the same issues, no person has the same treatment course. Your counselor may suggest assignments for you to complete, which are strictly for your own benefit. It is important to be completely honest with your counselor. As the cliche goes, “your secrets keep you sick”.

What to Expect at Our South Florida Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Many drug and alcohol rehabs prefer to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a main component of their programs. Florida Coast Recovery places a strong emphasis on group therapy, as this practice yields great results. Sometimes the thoughts in our heads can get the best of us and when we hear them out loud, we begin to think a bit more clearly. Groups are always facilitated by a substance abuse counselor.

A typical stay in our facility lasts about thirty days, but sometimes it could last longer depending on the case. Your counselor will assess your progress and determine the best course for your safety and success.

Find Recovery at Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in South Florida

We find it very important to introduce our patients to twelve step programs and other types of support groups so that they can form their own support systems to last way beyond the stay of drug rehab. It is imperative to remember that by attending a drug treatment center, you won’t be “cured”. The disease of addiction lasts a lifetime, but our program at Florida Coast Recovery will give you all the tools that you need to start your new sober, happy, life.

While in our program, we will teach you the tools that you will need to aid in your recovery. For example, it’s important to learn healthy coping skills when life shows up on life’s terms.

Many patients choose to step down to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) once they complete drug rehab. We will be happy to assist you in discharge planning and making sure you’re leaving to go a supportive environment to ensure your long term sobriety. This includes finding you a sober living home and finding twelve step meetings and other support groups for you to attend.

If you are looking for a quality drug and alcohol rehab program in South Florida for yourself or a loved one, give us a call today at 855-807-3422 to get started.