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    Small intimate setting that allows for truly individualized treatment plans for our clients.

  • Safe & Easy Medical Detox

    Our detox protocol was designed to help you through the withdrawal process with ease.

  • Modern Addiction Therapies

    Florida Coast Recovery utilizes modern addiction therapies in a multidisciplinary approach to treating the disease of addiction.

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The Destructive Nature of Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction are powerful dependencies that destroy lives—not just those of the addicts themselves, but also of the family and friends that surround them. The incredible physical and mental effects of alcohol, opiates, inhalants, and other commonly abused substances are often responsible for behavioral changes and other issues that weaken the addict’s relationships.

Responsibilities fall to the wayside, and it can become impossible to hold down a steady job and maintain financial stability. With the help of drug and alcohol rehab centers, however, addicts can finally break free.

Compassionate, Effective Therapy in Picturesque South Florida

At Florida Coast Recovery addiction rehab, our passion is providing complete, compassionate drug rehab and support throughout the entire recovery process.

Addicts who require a detox period before they can begin a treatment program are given a safe, comfortable place to detox where they are monitored 24/7 by medical professionals experienced in dealing with withdrawal symptoms and other aspects of addiction. Our expert rehabilitation staff has years of experience supporting and working with addicts detoxing from alcohol, heroin, opiates, benzos, and other substances.

Each client’s addiction treatment plan is tailored to their particular needs and addiction. For those whose addiction is especially strong, we offer residential treatment in comfortable, secure housing. Through a combination of on-site therapies, medical monitoring, and other mental, physical, and emotional treatments, our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team aims to bring clients out of addiction in the most effective, least distressful way.

For those who are not able to commit themselves to a full inpatient program, we also offer an intensive outpatient program that provides addicts with the help and resources they need without requiring them to take time away from a job, family, or other responsibilities. This is a common choice for high-functioning addicts capable of continuing to work during treatment.

Examples of addiction treatment therapies we use with clients at Florida Coast Recovery are 12-step based therapy (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, for example), My Brain Solutions (a modern, neurology-based therapy meant to restore healthy brain function and behaviors through games and exercise), holistic therapies (nutrition, yoga, chiropractic, art therapy, etc.), and others.

Whatever kind of program and therapy a client chooses, all of the intensive recovery work is done before the backdrop of beautiful, sunny South Florida. Our subtropical location provides a tranquil escape, perfect for getting in touch with oneself and rediscovering a healthy life.

Florida Coast Recovery Is Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Lasting Sobriety

At Florida Coast Recovery’s drug treatment center in South Florida, the safety, sobriety, and happiness of our clients is our number-one priority. Our team of doctors and rehabilitation specialists leverages state-of-the-art tools and therapy options to help clients overcome physical addiction, learn new behaviors, plan for the future, and begin building a new and healthy life.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward kicking your physical addiction and regaining complete control of your life, call us today for 24/7 confidential support at (877) 251-6570.




At Florida Coast Recovery, our passion is to restore lives, foster growth, and help individuals achieve and maintain a life of serenity: free from bondage of addiction. We provide the utmost quality care in the substance abuse industry and we encourage people to embark on a lifelong journey of hope, tranquility and fulfillment through our individualized, and cost effective treatment programs. We deliver intensive, evidenced based treatment practices to ensure that our patients’ needs are met and that they can live a life of freedom again.

“It’s your life, own it again” validates our perseverance to promote change, autonomy, and a new path for sobriety.

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