Addiction Treatment Therapies

Addiction Treatment Therapies

12- Step Based Therapy

The 12 step method is a proven method for recovery from alcohol, drug or other afflictions. Introduced by Bill W. from Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 steps has since been adopted by over 200 hundred other programs offering help to individuals suffering from all forms of addiction. The 12 steps is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action and when applied, ultimately change a person’s outlook towards life. Most treatment facilities have adopted sending clients to their local AA/NA meeting as part of a comprehensive discharge plan. Many of our alumni have attributed attending 12 step meetings as an integral part of their recovery.

My Brain Solutions

My Brain Solutions is the latest development in Addiction Treatment efficacy. Our program is based on over 20 years of research and data compilation which has developed the formula for Neuroplasticity, the ability to train the brain and improve healthy thought processes.

Our assessment tool uses games, exercises, and survey questions to give an in-depth look at our client’s brain health in 4 key areas ~ Thinking, Emotion, Feeling, and Self-Regulation. By pinpointing and targeting these areas of need, a custom treatment and training program is designed for every individual client.

Through the use of the recommended games and exercises on My Brain Solutions, clients will help restore function healthy thought patterns in their brain. The resulting stress and anxiety relief, emotional balance, and clearer thinking will aid in a comprehensive program of physical, mental, and spiritual recovery.

Holistic Therapies

At Florida Coast Recovery, our holistic treatment program encompasses the total Mind, Body, Spirit approach. Within the holistic program, we help clients learn better nutritional value through our expert nutritionist and cooking classes. Yoga and chiropractic therapeutics is added for a more comprehensive bodily sensation of healing. To create the ultimate success or fulfillment, we capture the feeling of relief using meditation and contemplation techniques to support the spiritual side to emotional stability. Also you can ease your mind playing an array of softening music or use our art therapy as a relief of stress during your stay with us. Whatever your choice, let us here at Florida Coast Recovery help you help yourself to a life you deserve!

Non-12 Step Based Therapies

A noted philosopher once said, “There are many ways to achieve a psychic change who am I to judge your way better than my way”. Non 12 step programs exist that are successful with helping people achieve there goals. One way is working with and through your local religious affiliate. Another way is by working with a doctor or therapist on a weekly basis. Recently the Holistic approach to treatment has been sweeping through the treatment industry. Some seek the knowledge and wisdom from spiritual texts. Still others find a mentor or have a life changing event simply change their outlook on life and the direction they were taking. Even now, science has new novel approaches when it comes to how alcohol and drugs affects the brain. At Florida Coast Recovery, let us help you identify the areas you are struggling with and put together a comprehensive treatment plan best suited for you and your family.