Alumni are our most important asset. Having successfully completed treatment and better able to accept life on life’s terms, they are powers of example. They show the next, one whose in need of treatment, that this really works. That’s why, through constant contact, consistent guidance, mentoring and teaching, our alumni will have all the tools at their disposal to stay clean and sober. We encourage alumni to stay focused with a solid discharge plan. We welcome back enthusiastic speakers ready to help the ones not yet ready to transition back. Promotion of social media is also a great way of keeping in touch. Altruism has proven to be a vital part of the recovery process forever teaching us the value of serving others.

Career counseling is about mapping, planning and making choices in your personal and professional life; creating the appropriate strategy to achieve your goals thus building a better future for you and your love ones.

At Florida Coast Recovery, we believe in the Total approach to healing and recovery. We offer professional career counseling services that can help clients achieve personal work goals when they leave our center.

We have been assisting people in finding and implementing a system to attain better career accomplishments, empowering them to identify their ideal path and the way to achieve it. We’ll help you gain clarity, self-confidence, and the knowledge to succeed in looking for the career of your dreams.

Once an individual makes a decision on a new path forward then action always follows. Attention towards this new direction is vital and essential. To have a psychic change or a new found outlook towards life takes practice. Inspirational books, video, support groups and the like help people practice on a daily basis. Listed below are links to recommended sites to help support your new way of living.

The first step to recovery from an addiction is by stopping use of whatever substance is causing the problem. Then, creating a new life is essential to maintaining and sustaining a life without alcohol or drugs. The importance of life skills becomes apparent in achieving good results, otherwise your addiction will eventually catch up with you again.

Over the years, patterns such as laziness, lack of patience, procrastination, rash decisions can beset an individual’s ability to perform. Becoming self-sufficient is often extremely challenging for people in recovery who have in many cases never had experience managing even the most basic aspects of daily life. Many recovering addicts have troubled or dysfunctional social networks that only exacerbate their tendency towards substance abuse. You don’t have to change everything in your life but the need for better life skills to combat the weaker ones is essential. Waking up earlier, taking 10 minutes before the start of a day to collect your thoughts, leaving for an appointment 10 minutes earlier and taking responsibility for past actions are just a few important life skills needed to succeed.

At Florida Coast Recovery, let us help teach you the Life Skills needed during this vital recovery process. We can integrate techniques leading to a healthier recovery and a better chance for long term sobriety.

Sober Coaching is like a buddy system. To give an analogy, when learning the game of golf, an individual hopefully seeks the advice of a professional. Most times, the best coaches have also had experience to accompany the knowledge. The whole AA/NA fellowships and countless others started with the same premise of altruism. Sober Coaching is a way of utilizing someone else’s experience to help an individual through the initial pitfalls encountered during the recovery process. It’s an alternative to halfway Housing. The professional actually lives with the individual, thus helping the individual navigate daily routines that normally pose a struggle in beginning stages. Tasks like driving to and from doctors, eating right, to going to meetings and helping through anxious or depressive moments by just being there for them. It isn’t cheap and Insurance doesn’t cover the costs so it is on a self-pay basis for those that can afford it.