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Our philosophy at Florida Coast Recovery is that everyone deserves a chance of recovery from drug & alcohol addiction. Our goal is to provide evidenced-based, modern addiction treatment and meet clients where they are in the process of substance abuse. We aim to ensure that all clients get the opportunity to find recovery through our multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. Here at Florida Coast Recovery we guarantee out of state clients a place to recover and break free from addiction for good.


Our Mission: At Florida Coast Recovery, our passion is to restore lives, foster growth, and help individuals achieve and maintain a life of serenity: free from bondage of addiction. We provide the utmost quality care in the substance abuse industry and we encourage people to embark on a lifelong journey of hope, tranquility and fulfillment through our individualized, and cost effective treatment programs. We deliver intensive, evidenced based treatment practices to ensure that our patients’ needs are met and that they can live a life of freedom again.

“It’s your life, own it again” validates our perseverance to promote change, autonomy, and a new path for sobriety.

Dr. Daniel M. Jacobs

Dr. Daniel M Jacobs M.D



Rosemary joined Florida Coast Recovery in 2012 as the Program Coordinator. Her experience and passion for working one-on-one with mental health/substance abuse clients has enabled her to be an advocate and educator to the Florida Coast Recovery community. She possesses advanced knowledge and certification in discharge planning, case management, and sober coaching. Rosemary has worked within the substance abuse field for over ten years counseling, educating, and working with patients to obtain sobriety. She possesses over 200 hours of extensive trainings and CEUs within the addiction field, which has led to her expertise with relapse prevention, life skills, 12 step education, crisis intervention, and co-occurring disorders. Rosemary is instrumental in the care of our patients and coordination of Florida Coast Recovery’s day-to-day operations.

Taylor, RN


Billy is a Florida native originating from Central Florida. He is a Registered Nurse who has been practicing for the past 28 years. Billy has worked in many different facets of nursing including Psychiatric, medical, Gerontology Emergency, and Detox and Drug Rehabilitation.
Billy brings the compassion and empathy needed to the rehabilitation process. He advocates for client’s needs, making sure clients feel comfortable and detox safely.
His passion for helping others is shown through his dedication to client success. As part of the Clinical Team and being Lead Nurse at Florida Cost Recovery, he is an intricate part of the healing process for each of our clients.

Angelica Jean-Baptiste


Margarita Gonzalez

Margarita Gonzalez

Margarita Gonzalez joined Florida Coast Recovery LLC in August 2014 as the human resources director on the management and administration team. Based in Sunrise, she is responsible for overseeing and processing the organization’s payroll, agency compliance, recruiting, appraisals and coordination of talent.

Prior to joining Florida Coast Recovery, Margarita spent 21 years in the private corporate world. As vice president of Finance and Administration for a regulated agency in South Florida, she directly controlled all aspects of human resources, payroll and staff management.

Margarita holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a minor in psychology from The City University of New York-Lehman College and is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Riley Wynn


James Wynn, known as “Riley”, is responsible for providing comprehensive case management services at Florida Coast Recovery LLC, a substance abuse rehabilitation agency located in Sunrise, Florida. Born, educated and raised in the dangerous neighborhoods of Baltimore, Maryland with crime, violence and addiction in the population, Riley raised above it all. After over 45 years of addiction he now claims victory and transformation. Prior to Florida Coast Recovery, he worked for years in broadcasting, public speaking, marketing, promotions and south Florida companies as American Therapeutic and Biscayne Milieu Mental Health.
During his last 9 years in recovery, Riley continued to develop his skills of case manager, group facilitator and behavioral health technician. In his tenue at Florida Coast, he is known to offer a broad skill set in management of substance abuse cases via individualized integrated care plans. He works closely with necessary referral of related activities to help the individual obtain the services needed, inclusive but not limited to serve as a court liaison. He intercedes for clients’ behalf when they are faced with probation or criminal charges. James “Riley” Wynn is a compassionate advocate of recovery as he constantly repeats his favorite phrase: “JUST FOR TODAY, I WON’T USE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS”


Calvin Smith


Kadian Lawrence

Kadian is originally from Jamaica and has lived in Florida for the last 15 years. She has been working in the behavioral health field for the last 10 years. She has worked hands on with the clients on a daily basis helping them with life skills and providing them with structure and emotional support as needed. The most important thing for her, when it comes to the clients, is to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment while they are away from home. Kadian has a passion to help people in need and believes that by providing love, understanding, and unconditional support, people are able to empower themselves to seek peace and achieve their dreams. She states, “it is not easy to take the first step in this journey, but when you have people who care about you and you allow them to build you up it becomes a beautiful thing.”


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