At Florida Coast Recovery, we help individuals addicted to a number of substances break free from their illness. We regularly treat patients on an outpatient basis for addictions to alcohol, heroin, benzo, and other serious drugs. Unlike some other outpatient programs, however, we offer an intensive program that involves working a dedicated recovery plan without the need to stay on site.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) clients are therefore able to continue working an existing job, seeing their family, and enjoying their hobbies while also taking part in a thorough, structured addiction treatment program. With a flexible therapy schedule, patients of outpatient programs can attend individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, or some of each when it best fits their outside schedule. That’s not to say the patient will run the show, however—a major focus of IOP is holding individuals accountable for their behaviors and decisions.

Our team works with each outpatient individual personally to develop an ideal recovery plan. During the program, we seek to help recovering addicts identify their strengths, build new life skills, find good jobs, and generally prepare themselves for a happy and healthy post-recovery future.

The Importance of Professional Support in Preventing Relapse

While it’s certainly possible to make it through the initial stages of detox on your own, your chance of achieving long-term success and sobriety increases drastically when you seek the help of knowledgeable, experienced addiction recovery professionals. By building up self-esteem, forging a career and learning to heal some of the wounds that led them to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place, patients of our outpatient drug rehab program can feel confident that they’ll be strong enough to never return to that life.

Get Caring, Professional, Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Florida Coast Recovery

Even if your addiction is not so severe that it requires daily on-site inpatient care, your journey through recovery is just as important. We are dedicated to meeting the medical, psychological, and emotional needs of the patients in our Intensive Outpatient Program in order to achieve lasting freedom from addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction but don’t necessarily have the ability to commit to an inpatient stay, our outpatient drug rehab may be an ideal choice for your recovery. Call our addiction recovery experts at (877) 251-6570 to learn more about how we can help you get your life back on track.